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Week Two: A Recap and a Preview of Week Three!

Join us this week, June 27, 2009 for a special Black History 4 Young People taught by Isidra Person-Lynn, with special guest Oluwatosin Williams, a 21 year old Nigerian college student with two bachelor's degrees.

The topic is:  Africa Today.  Still too often kids giggle and joke about Africa because they simply are not aware of the treasures Africa has brought to the world. Moreover, they do not appreciate the customs, see the progress and ingenuity by African business owners nor  do they appreciate the culture and sadly, even the food and music. Try an African restaurant near you and you will know where the Soul in Soul food came from! African recipes are all over the Internet and there are even You Tube videos that will show you how to prepare certain dishes!  Delicious!

When we, the class, interviews Tosin, as we call her, she will talk to us about discipline and school work, which is why many Nigerian or contineal born African students seem to excel.  She will tell us about how Nigerian teens show respect to their parents. We will practice back-wrapping babies with two and a half yards of cloth (with stuffed dolls, no real ones!!) We will practice carrying large items in baskets on our heads, and show you how you can design African textiles, such as mud cloth online!  And we will see African teens enjoying a good concert with the same stars our southland teens enjoy.

Week Two:  Setting the Voyager Columbus Straight
Last week, Dr. Kwaku helped the students make a connection between themselves and the descendants of the first humans on the planet–the Baka People.  We watched as they solved the challenges of the life in the forest.  We also heard a lecture by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima challenging the long held belief that Columbus discovered America.  He showed proof that Africans had been voyaging to the Americas from Africa long before the Europeans arrived–and that includes Mexico!  We saw pyramids and Olmec heads and learned that even when evidence (such as wide noses and lips) is destroyed our Africanness still has a way of showing up in the art, and tools and statues. 

We Have a Winner!  The winner for week two 's Black History 4 Young People quiz is pictured above: His name is Paris Patterson. He was very quick and accurate in his answers. 

TO PARENTS:  Isidra set up a Social Networking Site on Ning which is limited to students of Black History 4 Young People.  Unlike Facebook which is a whole other thing, this is a teaching tool that the participant signs up for, and we control who is invited.  (They must be approved.)  When you get your invitation in your email box please visit the page that is viewable by the public to see what I mean.  When your child logs on, they can ask questions, take Black history quizzes, and check out articles and videos we find along the way that have interesting historical information.  Consider it.  It is TOTALLY OPTIONAL, free and designed to stimulate discussion for those who are a bit on the shy side.  Let us know what you think!
Hope to see you all June 27, 2009, 10-12 noon!

NEXT WEEK: NO CLASS  4th of July Weekend!  Be sure to enjoy your family time!  We will see you on July 11, same time, same place!

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Dr. Ivan Van Sertima Tribute Friday @ Eso Won

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima Tribute June 19, 2009

Los Angeles will commemorate the life of Dr. Van Sertima June 19, 2009 7 p.m. at Eso Won Books in Los Angeles

Los Angeles will commemorate the life of Dr. Van Sertima June 19, 2009 7 p.m. at Eso Won Books in Los Angeles

Most of you know that we lost one of our greatest scholars Dr. Ivan Van Sertima Memorial Day of this year. He gave us so much great information to increase our body of knowledge that it is incumbent upon us to give tribute to his memory and share our experiences.

Eso Won Books, in Leimert Park Village, will sponsor a tribute this Friday, June 19th at 7:00pm. Actress and poet S. Pearl Sharpe will host the event. Attorney and scholar Legrand Clegg will make a presentation, along with a never seen before excerpt of an interview Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn conducted with Dr. Van Sertima. We look forward to seeing you to honor one of our best.

Eso Won Books

4331 Degnan Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90008

(323) 290-1048

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Next Adult Class September 18, 2009

Last Semester

Last Semester

Thanks for a very special semester, all!  For the summer, the Youth Class–Black History 4 Young People just kicked off (For details Click Here)

Our next 11 week adult series titled Afrikan World Civilizations starts in the fall, September 18, 2009 at KAOS Network in Leimert Park.  Liven up your Friday evenings!  From 7-9 p.m. we delve in to the history of Afrikan people all over the world.  It is fascinating to fill in the gaps previously left by disinterested history teachers of middle and high school.

Please visit where you can download the Class Schedule and the Registration Form.  Fill that out and bring to class which is $15 each or if you pay for the entire series ($100) you will pay $10 per session.

Please send registration form to:

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn

Box 2946

Inglewood, CA 90305

Or register on site!

Questions?  Or for more details visit or call (213) 368-4976.


Week One: A Full House!


During each semester of Black History 4 Young People, we are pleasantly surprised to meet students who are thirsty for knowledge.  This first week, Xavier Scott asked thoughtful questions, exhibited  prior knowledge and even won the first Black History 4 Young People quiz at the end.  His prize?  A Gift Certificate for two to Simply Wholesome, our sponsoring restaurant which whips up delicious whole foods right there on Slauson and Overhill in Los Angeles. Congratulations, Xavier!

After a series of videos looking back on the class, Dr. Kwaku kicked off the summer session with a riveting power point presentation which travels all corners of the globe and finds the presence and accomplishments of Afrikan people. 

From the Afrikan origins of chess, ballet and martial arts, to inaccuracy that Columbus could discover America–(especially when native Americans were already here), Dr. Kwaku covered a wide body of knowledge and set the record straight with evidence.

Terms used that might need more explanation:

Ankh:  ( The ankh was the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read "eternal life", a triliteral sign for the consonants ˁn. Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest. It is also known as the key of life, the key of the Nile, or as crux ansata, Latin for "cross with a handle".

Deities: Usually means "Gods" or sacred beings.  (  A deity is a postulated preternatural or supernatural immortal being, who may be thought of as holy, divine, or sacred, held in high regard, and respected by believers.

B.C.E.:  Usually students learn that historical events happen B.C.  (Before Christ) or A.D. (After Death).  In scholarly circles, B.C.E. is used which means "before the common era."

Next Class:
20 June Afrikan Origin of Humanity: We Came Before Columbus
A.) Let's investigate the lives of the original descendants of the first human beings and their genius, creativity and ingenuity to survive. Multimedia
B.) Is there proof that Afrikans were in the Americas before Columbus and helped establish America’s first civilization? Dr. Kwaku will show us!

A bit of housekeeping:
Since the session is full, we may not be able to accommodate students who only want to take one class.  We will hold the seats of the pre-paid student until 10 minutes after class starts, then seat "per class" students based on seating availability. For that reason, please be on time!

We appreciate our parents for bringing the students on time and picking them up on time.  We advise all students to stand just outside our doors when dismissed so your parents can find you. See you next week! 

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