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Thanks to our Sponsors

The 2009 Black History 4 Young People class will end Saturday July 25.  It could not have happened were it not for our sponsors: Will all sponsors join us Saturday? Check your email for the new location.

Donors To Our Scholarship Program:

2009 Sponsor List

Azania Catering

Gwen-MarieThomas (2)

Lanitta Sanders (2)

Sharon Massengale

 Denise Lulendo, Copy City

B. J. McCurdy

Umoya Rukeya

Jacquie Stephens

 Special Thanks to:

Deloris Holt, Author, Black History 4 Young People

Simply Wholesome,

Gift Certificates for Black History Quiz Winners

Special thanks to Rochelle Lucas, KJLH

and Organic Root Stimulator for Gift Baskets!

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On tap for July 18: Afrikan American Accomplishments, Safety Measures & the Leimert Park Tour

THIS WEEK: This is the 2nd to the last class , however, we focus on the exploring Afrikan success and the creations of our inventors and scientists.

Also, a special guest is Sgt. Joanne Hollis, a Sheriff's Deputy who will explain appropriate behavior and what to do when stopped by peace officers.

A tour of Leimert Park Village, the cultural center for Black Los Angeles

Note: the last class (July 25, 2009) will be held in a different location to accommodate parents and sponsors  who are invited. Students will be given a letter in class with instructions.  

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11 July Colorism: Color prejudice within | Week Four Topic

Color prejudice is, and has been, one of the most divisive elements among people of Afrikan descent for decades. Its beginnings start during the period of slavery and were used to separate and control Black people. Its history and present negative effects will be discussed and analyzed.
We will also look at Michael Jackson’s statement, “The history books are lying to us,” and what it means today.
Finally, Dr. Kwaku will demonstrate a technique used for decades on how to get A’s on exams. He states, “There is no excuse for any student not getting A’s.”
Week Three Recap: 
Our special guest was Oluwatosin Williams (pictured above), a 21 year old college student with two bachelor's degrees. She is of Nigerian heritage. She helped Isidra Person-Lynn illustrate Africa Today in hopes of dispelling myths about Africa.
She demonstrated  the customs and respect expected of Nigerian Youth.
Ms. Person-Lynn demonstrated back-wrapping babies (with stuffed dolls, not real ones!!) We practiced carrying large items in baskets on our heads.  We wanted to show students how to design African textiles, but ran out of time to demonstrate how mudcloth is made.Students can try it virtually here!
More links will be posted at our BH4YP Ning Group.
Isidra just returned from New Orleans and will post them soon. If you haven't signed up, email and she will send you an invitation.

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