Dr. Kwaku’s Class Fri. 9/24: Dr. Ben Tours Egypt (Kemet) and Ivan Van Sertima Interview

Know Thyself!
Yosef-ben-Jochannan (Dr. Ben) and Ivan Van Sertima

Dr. Ben

Dr. Ben

Kemet (Egypt) is the birthplace of civilization, science, mathematics, medicine, law, engineering, education, spiritual thought, and so many other human creations. Dr. Ben will guide us through the most important ancient civilization on planet earth. He was the first to take Black folks from America to Kemet, and has trained more individuals about Kemet than anyone else, who now conduct tours on their own. See this special land through the eyes of Dr. Ben.

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima taught us that Afrikans were in the Americas hundreds of years before Columbus. His multi-disciplinary approach far exceeds any other scholar working in this area. See the complete last interview conducted by Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn, and the works Van Sertima left for us to learn from.

For those who come early, enjoy some of the best Black music ever made, just for adults. The class is this Friday, beginning at 7:00pm sharp at the new location; Yvonne Brathwaite Burke Ladera Park Community Center (4750 62nd Street, first block west of La Brea Ave  in Los Angeles, across from Ladera Park).

Classes are $15 per session or $100 for the entire course.  Certicates will be awarded to participants who complete the course.


  1. #1 by Antroine Brown on June 16, 2012 - 4:13 pm

    Thank God ffor these brilliant men who has delicated lives for us for rthe sake of true history

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