Dr. Kwaku’s Class: 10/9/09: Afrikans In Colombia & Great Afrikan Seafarers

Afrikans in South America

Afrikans in South America

Almost half of the Afrikans illegally transported during the trans-Atlantic slave trade landed in South America. Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela has stated, “I’ve always said that if Spain is our father, Africa, mother Africa is much more.” Colombia is one of the countries that has a large Afrikan population today, 10.5 million. We will look at how they are living, their habits and traditions, and the continual discrimination they presently face.

Afrikans were great seafarers, traveling to various parts of the world in different types of ocean craft. It has always been debated if their sea travels were deliberate or accidental. This question, and other issues will be answered. We look forward to seeing you this Friday, and don’t forget, if you come early, you will hear some of the best Black adult music ever made.

Class is this Friday, beginning at 7:00pm sharp at the new location;
Yvonne Brathwaite Burke Ladera Park Community Center (4750 62nd Street,
first block west of La Brea Ave  in Los Angeles, across from Ladera Park).
Classes are $15 per session. Certicates will be awarded to participants who complete the 11 week course.

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