Hypocrisy of Abraham Lincoln & Women’s Revolution in Kenya

Lerone Bennett

Lerone Bennett

Lerone Bennett, former executive editor of Johnson Publications (Ebony & Jet), historian and author, wrote the most potent and controversial book ever written on Abraham Lincoln, Forced into Glory: Abraham Lincoln’s White Dream. He exposes how Lincoln truly felt about Afrikan people, and what he really wanted to do with them. Though there have been stories of Lincoln seeking equality for enslaved Afrikans, this myth will come to light in Bennett’s powerful lecture.

Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai


Wanagari Muta Maathai, of Kenya, in 2004, became the first Afrikan women to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. A political activist and environmentalist, she was locked into a very bitter and vicious battle with the Kenyan government over environmental issues, women’s rights and democracy. Her efforts caused her to be beaten by the government, causing her great suffering at times. We will see how this courageous woman started a movement that changed the government.

For those who come early, sit down, relax, and listen to some of the best adult Black music ever made. We start at 7:00pm sharp at the Yvonne B. Burke Ladera Park Community Center, 4750 62nd Street (first block west of La Brea).

See you there.

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