Bahia – Afrika in South America; The San People of Botswana & Albinos in Afrika

Bahia – Afrika in South America



The area in Brazil called Bahia is one of the most Afrikan cultures one will find in South America. We will take an intimate investigation into a culture that never lost its Afrikan heritage, culture, food, music, religion, language and more.

The San People of Botswana


San Tribesman

The government of Botswana has all but called for genocide of the San people, who are the country’s first inhabitants, and descendants of the original human beings. We will see how the government has instituted a program of removal in conjunction with the diamond company DeBeers of South Afrika. We will also see if the court system will continue to allow this mistreatment to continue.

Albinos in Afrika



One of the tragic stories in the world is the plight of albinos in certain Afrikan cultures. We will take a look into this hidden society and what is happening to this specific population.

We start at 7:00pm sharp, Oct 30, 2009. For those who come early and just want to unwind from a complicated day, you can relax to some quality Black music for adults. We are located at the Yvonne B. Burke Ladera Park Community Center, 4750 W. 62nd Street (first block west of La Brea).

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