Join Us at the Afrikan Mental Liberation Films in San Diego Nov. 28 & 29


Coming Up Nov. 28 and 29th, 2009 World Beat Center in San Diego

Click for Free Registration:

World Beat Center

San Diego, California

Saturday, November 28th
Sunday, November 29th

Noon – 9:00pm each day

12:00 – Ben Carson – from rebellious youth to premier neuro-surgeon
1:40 – Students In Senegal – Spelman and Morehouse students intimately visit Afrika
2:05 – A Panther In Afrika – Black Panther strategies being used in Afrika
3:20 – Blaxploitation – How Black films saved Hollywood
4:25 – Afrikan Evolution – Traditional Afrikans evolving into business and
5:35 – Kareem Abdul Jabbar – an intimate look at a complex champion and scholar
6:00 – History of Reggae Music – Dr. Kwaku delivers an authentic lecture on reggae’s
6:50 – Afrikan King – a very personal look inside the kingdom of Swaziland
8:15 – Dr. Kwaku Selections – a collage of film consciousness


12:00 – James Baldwin – One of the most important and controversial writers in
American literature
1:35 – Ethiopia – One of the first looks at the place where the human race began
2:50 – Dr. Ivan Van Sertima Interview – His last video interview in California
3:45 – Hommage – One of the greatest Afrikan culture films ever made
4:40 – Wangari Maathai – Nobel Peace Prize recipient: created a revolution in Kenya
5:50 – Special Feature – MEXICAN AFRIKANS
1. La Raza Olvidada (The Forgotten Root)
2. From Florida to Coahnila
7:10 – Rabbit Proof Fence – Light skinned Australia Afrikan children taken from their
homes to become European
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