Black History 4 Young People: Week 2 A Special Invitation for Our Students!


Week TWO– 6/26/10:

We have a special invitation for this Saturday from the Leimert Park Village Book Fair.  Please read:

A Letter to Parents from Dr. Kwaku:

Dear Parents/Guardians: 

This Saturday (26 June) we will cover two very important areas of history: the Afrikan presence in America before Columbus, and the descendants of the first human beings (Afrikans), and how their high level of humanity can help our outlook today. Unfortunately, schools are still teaching that Columbus discovered America, and totally dismisses the fact that Afrikans were sailing back and forth from Afrika, and were essential participants in establishing America’s first civilization. Also, in every class, emphasis will always focus on learning and utilizing tools to be excellent in the classroom.  

After the class this Saturday, the Leimert Park Book Fair will be held in the large parking lot on the north side of the block. The organizer of the event would like the class to participate, even offering them lunch. You are also invited to attend, though I think the lunch is just for students. It is an event to showcase new books and great authors of Afrikan descent, and a great cultural event in the community.  The Wayans family will have their book and many others will participate.

There is no class next week (3 July) because of the holiday weekend. We will resume the following week when we learn about how slavery has divided us, based on skin color.  We will also learn about the origin of the rap/hip hop culture. 

No homework, but take notes!

I mentioned to the class on the first day that I can tell who the A students are, because they take notes. It is your responsibility to see to it that your child/children have the materials to do so. This is part of the process of receiving A’s in the classroom. Tests/exams are not always based just on reading assignments, but also lecture notes teachers give in class. The student who took the best notes won the weekly quiz and won a free meal for two at Simply Wholesome Restaurant. (Details below)

Please be on the lookout
We are also looking for a space to hold our last class, where you– parents and guardians–are invited. The class is larger than anticipated, so with parents and guardians attending the last class, we will need a larger space. If you know of such a place, let me or Isidra know. Thank you!


Dr. Kwaku


Congratulations  to Khalia "Jewel of the Nile" Taylor!  She was the first winner in our weekly black history quiz.  Are you listening?have a winner! For our first

Black History Quiz
Winnr's Circle…

Khalia "Jewel of the Nile"
She will receive a gift certificate for two to

Simply Wholesome 
4508 West Slauson Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 90043-2720 -
(323) 294-2144
Open Mon-Sat 8:30am-10pm;

Sun 10am-9pm
It's All Natural!

Congratulations to all graduates!
Special kudos to Christina Lockett,
one of Dr. Kwaku's former students!
Christina just graduated from Chadwick School in Palos Verdes. She has applied to 9 top colleges and has been accepted to all nine!
She was offered a full ride at USC, and a $40,000 scholarship at UCLA, but has chosen to attend Yale University, the noted Ivy League institution. Her GPA is 4.9 and her studies have taken her to Spain and beyond. An accomplished musician, she is also co-president of her school's African American Awareness Organization.
Read more about Christina here!
Christina, Isidra and I are so proud of you!  Please keep in touch and let us know when you cross those milestones!–Dr. Kwaku

Week ONE– 6/19/10:

Download and fill out your registration forms for quicker entry! 

Black History 4 Young People 2010 starts June 19!

JOIN US!  We will indeed host Black History 4 Young People starting Sat, June 19, 2010.

Dr. Kwaku has planned an awesome curriculum he has developed for the last six years! 

Class Schedule
Six Saturdays 10:00am ~ Noon
June 19
th – July 31st
Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn ~ Instructor
(213) 368-4976 ~ voice mail

19 June From The Nile Valley To The World
A PowerPoint presentation illustrating the Afrikan origin of civilization,
science, mathematics, medicine, engineering and many other
accomplishments. We will also look at the history and culture of Black
people all over the world.

26 June Afrikan Origin of Humanity & Afrikans in America Before Columbus
A.) A look into the lives of the original descendants of the first human
beings and their genius, creativity and ingenuity to survive.
B.) A presentation showing various categories of evidence demonstrating
that Afrikans were in the Americas before Columbus and helped establish
America’s first civilization.

3 July No class – July 4th Holiday weekend

10 July Intra Color Discrimination and The Origin Of Rap/Hip Hop
A.) We will investigate how slavery was used to divide people of Afrikan descent on the basis of a dark skin or light skin complexion and how it is being practiced today. We will also look at the use of negative

We will also look at the elements that created the origin of the rap/hip hop culture.

17 July The Struggle For Equal Education & How To Get A’s On Exams

A.) Students in the South were at a great educational disadvantage
until the Civil Rights Movement. We will look at their struggle to get an
education as compared with today.

B.) How to get A’s on exams.

24 July Leimert Park Village Tour & How To Write Research Papers

A.) A tour of Leimert Park Village, the cultural center for Black Los
Angeles, including Eso Won Books, exposing the class to literature
written by people of Afrikan descent.

B.) Intense discussion on how to write research papers

31 July A special presentation for parents and students (Last Class)

B.) Special production by Dr. Kwaku
C.) Students receive their completion certificates.


Please print, sign and bring with you!
Thanks for your support!

Remember, we start exactly at 10:00am sharp. 

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