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Week 5: Africa Today, Writing Research Papers and a Tour of Eso Won Books

This Saturday, July 24, 2010, we have an exciting class. We will take a short tour of the Leimert Park Village, the cultural center for Black Los Angeles, and especially Eso Won Books, where the students will observe the vast array of literature by authors of Afrikan descent. This area is the most culturally intense and enriched area in Southern California for people of Afrikan descent.
We have a guest speaker!  Jaaye Person-Lynn, Esq., who just returned from a month in South Afrika, where he went to six World Cup games, will show us photographs (PowerPoint) of his spectacular journey. We will talk abut the culture, and some of the history of the Afrikan people in South Afrika.
We will also cover a precise method on writing research papers, (with a handout,) showing exactly how to properly construct a research paper. Though this may be advanced for some, it is our belief that the earlier the student starts, the better he or she will became through time.
As always, we start at 10:00am sharp. Time discipline is very important in being successful in other endeavors.

This will be the last Black History 4 Young People class open to the public til next summer.  Next week's class–July 31- will be for parents and students only.  PLEASE NOTE:  Because we will need a larger space next week, we will move the class to Lucy Florence for our  culmination class.  We will give you the exact address in next week's email in order to avoid confusion.

Please mark your calendars, because during that class we will be awarding a complete DNA test rom African Ancestry.  Don't miss that class!

Congratulations to this week's winner!

 Xavier Quentin Crawford answered the questions correctly.

We are so proud of him!

He wins a dinner for two to Simply Wholesome.  From all reports, the food is as good as we say it is! (Check then out on Slauson and Overhill!)

Enjoy your week, everybody!

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