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Black History 4 Young People–Summer 2011 June 18 – July 30

Join us!

Greetings, students and parents!

Registration is open now! Download registration form (Registration ’11), and mail with check or money order by June 15,2011 to:

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn

Black History 4 Young People

P.O. Box 2946

Inglewood, CA 90305

or Bring to first class .  Registration starts at 9:00 a.m.

Black History 4 Young People is one of my favorite classes to teach because each summer, we spend 6 weeks with students from all over Southern California who are remarkably gifted.  What they need to add to their educational toolboxes is knowledge of self and that is what we provide.

Now that are dates are firmed up, go to and sign up for our mailing list, because we will send notifications as well.


  • Six Saturdays
  • 10:00 a.m. – Noon
  • No student will be allowed to leave the premises without express, written consent of the parents/guardians.
  • Fee: $60 for semester or $15 per class
  • Ages 12-18

LOCATION:  4343 Leimert Blvd., Los Angeles 90008 (Northwest corner of 43rd Place and Leimert Blvd.)

Contact: (213) 368-4976

Email: word@drkwaku,com

No books to purchase!


Saturdays 10:00am ~ Noon

June 18th – July 30th

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn ~ Instructor  (213) 368-4976 ~ voice mail

18 June    History & Culture of Black People Around The World

A.) A PowerPoint presentation illustrating the Afrikan origin of civilization, science, mathematics, medicine, engineering and many other accomplishments. We will also look at the history and culture of Black people all over the world.

25 June    Blacks In America: Ancient & Modern

A.) A presentation showing various categories of evidence demonstrating that Afrikans were in the Americas before Columbus and helped establish America’s first civilization.

B.) A look into modern day Black Mexicans.

 NOTE:  After class plan to attend the Leimert Park Book Fair right around the corner.

2 July      No class – holiday weekend

9 July      Afrikan Cultures In Belize, Australia and Intra-Color Prejudice In


A.)  We will investigate Afrikan cultures in Belize & Australia

B.)  We will also look at the destructive elements of Intra-Color prejudice

Among Blacks in America.

16 July    Afrikan Cultures & Traditions In Afrika and the Golden Stool of


A.) Isidra Person-Lynn will involve students in traditions common in Afrikan cultures.

B.) We will investigate the Golden Stool, the national symbol of the   Ashanti culture in Ghana.

23 July    Leimert Park Village Tour & How To Write Research Papers

A.)  A tour of Leimert Park Village, the cultural center for Black Los Angeles, including Eso Won Books, exposing the class to literature written by people of Afrikan descent.

B.) How to achieve A’s on exams – Dr. Kwaku shares his proven method followed by a discussion.

30 July   A special presentation for parents and students (Last Class)

A.) Parents invited

B.) Special production by Dr. Kwaku

C.) Students receive their completion certificates.

Join Us!

Until we meet, take your children (or your parents if this is a student reading this) to the library or a local bookstore and begin the journey. Are the interested in sports?  There are many biographies to choose from of their favorite athletes.  Are they interested in video games?  There are writings about blacks in technology and gaming.  Challenge them to Google these creative souls. If you want to interest them in medicine, the story of Dr. Ben Carson is classic.

Interview your family elders and learn your own personal family history and how it related to historic events.  History has wonderful stories and lessons and you can never read all the books or hear all the stories…there is always something new.

During the summer, we opt for oral history and do not require papers to be submitted, but many parents do, and that can be an excellent idea–  if not used punitively. We do encourage note-taking and I teach them how to write excellent papers.

And as they read, challenge their spelling, and their vocabulary.  Encourage them to write in cursive…a dying art. Too often COLLEGE students cannot read my comments that are written on their papers, if they are written in cursive.

And if they are glued to technology, there are many phone apps that can help them.  A computer favorite for spelling is  You can help your son or daughter ACE their spelling tests and learn meanings of words through this fun, free site.

Please share your favorite educational sites!

Talk to you soon,

Kwaku Person-Lynn, PhD

(213) 368-4976

Photos: 2009, 2005, 2004

To meet last year’s students:  Click Here (Video)


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Tonight is the night! Spend March 4th with us!


February was a jam packed African American history month, but we continue right along in March because we know that Black History is 365 24/7!  We are living it, and making it and learning it and teaching it!

For whatever reason, the PDFs we created for you to download just would not cooperate so we are posting them here. (Some like to have their forms filled out in advance):

Class Flyer:  AWCFLYER11  Please print and help us spread the word!

Registration Form: RegistrationForm

Class Schedule : AFRIKAN WORLD CIVILIZATIONS Class Schedule

 While all of this information is on, we know PDF’s are more convenient.  Feel free to share!

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