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Week 2: Blacks In America: Ancient & Modern – June 25

Winner-Week 1! Alexandra Strong--She won a meal for two at Simply Wholesome!

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Class for 25 June:    Blacks In America: Ancient & Modern

A.) A presentation showing various categories of evidence demonstrating that Afrikans were in the Americas before Columbus and helped establish America’s first civilization.

B.) A look into modern day Black Mexicans.


NOTE:  After class plan to attend the Leimert Park Book Fair right around the corner.

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2 July      No class – holiday weekend

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Questions For First Class

  1. Name the country where humanity was born
  2. Name the world’s first multi-genius
  3.  Name one of the world’s 1st universities
  4. Name the world’s first female pharaoh
  5. Name the place in India where Afrikan’s began civilization
  6. Name England’s first Black Queen
  7. Name Hawaii’s greatest king
  8. Name America’s first civilization
  9. Name the Black scientist who was one of three creators of the computer
  10. Name the creator of early technology that lead to the cell phone


1. Ethiopia

2. Imhotep

3. Temple of Karnak or Waset

4. Hatshepsut

5. Indus Valley

6. Name England’s first Black Queen: Sophia Charlotte

7. Kamehameha

8. Olmecs

9. Dr. Mark Dean

10. Henry Sampson Jr.


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