Week 4: The Africa You Don’t See, Also: The Golden Stool

Week 3 Black History Quiz Winner: Ashia Ezekiel

There is so much beauty and soul in the Motherland that the media never seems to show you.  Thank goodness for those of you who go and share your photos and videos.  There is also the Africa Channel, which serves up a great diet of balance and beauty. Plus, there are scores of movies you can order from Netflix that show movies that are more realistic.

We are not saying that there are problems.  There are, and Africa needs out help.  But Africa can teach us an awful lot.    I cringe when people say they want to go to Africa to go on Safari.  You wouldn’t come to Los Angeles and start looking for possums or coyotes or raccoons.  Yes they are here, but that’s not all that is here.

So what is the Africa you don’t see?  It’s the faces, the culture, the relationships, the art, the fashion, the music,  the rhythm and more.  Anyone who visits Africa and hangs with friends there, will be pleasantly surprised to see the way they do the things they do.

I have invited two former students:  Akuete Kpodar (Togo) and Tosin Williams (Nigerian) to share their childhood traditions, and culture. We will have a slide presentation and a brief demonstration of mudcloth and back-wrapping babies,  and the students will break into two group (girls and guys).  They will then talk to these students to ask them any questions.

We begin by viewing a presentation about The Golden Stool, which is a Ghanaian tradition.

So, please plan to join us and thank you so much!

Isidra Person-Lynn

Host, Sunday Morning Live

Congratulations to our Winner from last week:  It was her first time visiting the class but she took notes and paid attention!  She won a dinner for two at Simply Wholesome on Overhill and Slauson in Los Angeles.

Dr. Kwaku’s Black History 4 Young People

at Ben Caldwell’s Kaos Network

3333 W. 43rd Place,

Los Angeles, CA 90008

Youth 12-18

10 a.m. til Noon Saturdays. Only two Saturdays left!

Class starts at 10 a.m sharp you can pick up your young person at noon!  See you there!

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