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Black History 4 Young People Starts Saturday June 23, 2012



Fees: $60 for the entire 6-Weeks or $15 per class. Checks or cash Accepted.  No credit cards.

New!  Register Online Here

NOTE:  Once you click “submit” (use blue scroll bar on right if not visible) we have received your information.  When you come to class, simply give us the student’s name and payment. We will find his/her name on the printout and your child will be registered! You will be issued a receipt.


Download and print  this registration form and bring with you!

Download the Registration Form:  Registration ’12

(Print, fill-out (one per student) and bring with you to class

Download the Class Schedule: Class_Schedule_2012

Download the Flyer to Share:

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For the 8th consecutive year, Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn is calling all 12-18 year olds for an exciting 6-week program from June 23 to July 28, 2012.  Scroll down this blog to get an example of some of the things we discuss and do, an to see how well you fare on the weekly Black History quizzes.

Before you go off into the world (college military/trade) you owe it to yourself to know about yourself and your people!


Black History 4 Young People 2012 Class Schedule

Six Saturdays 10:00am ~ Noon

June 23rd  – July 28th

Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn ~ Instructor  (213) 394-5484

23 June    From The Nile Valley To The World

A.) A new graphic presentation illustrating the Afrikan origin of civilization, science, mathematics, medicine, engineering and many other accomplishments, including the history and culture of Black people all over the world.

30 June    History of Black People in the Americas

A.) A new presentation covering areas of history in the Americas neglected by traditional educational institutions. American history and culture of Black people as never covered before.

B.) A presentation by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima showing various categories of evidence demonstrating that Afrikans were in the Americas before Columbus and helped establish America’s first civilization.

7 July      Intra Color Discrimination and Various Historical Lessons

A.)  We will investigate how slavery was used to divide people of Afrikan descent on the basis of a dark skin or light skin complexion, and how it is being practiced today. We will also look at the use of negative images.

B.)  Several important history lessons will be examined..

14 July    The Afrika You Don’t See.

A.) See the Afrika you never see as presented by Isidra Person-Lynn

B.) Attorney Jaaye Person-Lynn will expose legal areas young people

should be aware of.

21 July Leimert Park Village Tour & How To Earn A’s On Exams

A.)  A tour of Leimert Park Village, the cultural center for Black Los Angeles, including Eso Won Books, exposing the class to literature written by people of Afrikan descent.

B.) Lesson on how to achieve A’s on exams and write research papers.

28 July   A special presentation for parents and students (Last Class)

A.) Parents invited (The Location To Be Announced)

B.) Special production by Dr. Kwaku

C.) Students receive their completion certificates.


Black History Quizzes at the end of each class.  No books to buy, but take notes!

(213) 394-5075 |

Got questions?  We’ve got answers!

Black History 4 Young People (BH4YP) will be held Saturdays at 3333 43rd Place, Los Angeles, CA 90008 (Right across from Leimert Park) Near Crenshaw and Vernon.


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