Class #2 July 6, 2013: Beyond 1492: We Came Before Columbus

Class 2-2
BLACK HISTORY 4 YOUNG PEOPLE ~ 3333 W. 43rd Place, Los Angeles, CA (Near Crenshaw and Vernon) 10:00am – Noon.
This Saturday we will cover the Americas like nothing students have ever seen. We will begin with a graphic lecture by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima on the Olmec civilization, the first civilization in the Americas. Next, Dr. Kwaku will deliver a very powerful lecture on the earliest American civilizations, as well as cover what people of Afrikan descent have created and accomplished in early and present day America. Our students will not be exposed to this information in their educational training, so they will be ahead of the game in American history.
Location: 3333 W. 43rd Place, Los Angeles, CA 90008 (Near Crenshaw and Vernon, two block east on 43rd and Leimert Blvd.)
Ph: (213) 394-5075  For 12-18 year olds.


The class fee is only $60 for the 6 week Saturday 10 am til Noon session. (That’s $10 per class) Or students may pay $15 per individual class. Either way, scroll below to fill out the registration form.  You can even pay online for the entire course, or bring cash or check to class. Parents are invited to the last class.

1) Click to Register Your Student Here

2) Print your registration receipt

3) Click “Buy Now” button below to Pay Online (Only $60!)

Fully paid class members receive the certificate and participate in the class quiz.

Per class students will be considered fully paid if they attend 4 classes at $15 each.


4) Print your payment receipt and bring with your 12-18 year old to class.

NOTES: You may  register and pay the first day of class if seats are available.

There will be a $2.50 handling fee for online payments.

If you want to only pay for a day pass, that is $15 per student per Saturday, payable on site.

Simple as that!

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