Week 4 Black History 4 Young People: The Afrika You Don’t See, Black Colleges, & Youth and the Law

BH4YP-Wk-4Guest lecturers Atty. Jaaye Person-Lynn and Isidra Person-Lynn will take the reins of Black History 4 Young People, Saturday, July 20, 2013, 10 a.m. til Noon.  The topics include: The Africa You Don’t See, Black Colleges, True Life 10 Years Out of High School and Youth and the Law. NOTE:  Actor and family friend Michael B. Jordan took this pic with Jaaye and Isidra after a recent screening.  Jordan is starring in this powerful film titled Fruitvale Station, about Oscar Grant, slain by Oakland Police.

The general perception of Afrika centers on thick forests (known as jungles), wild animals and safaris. To the surprise of many, Afrika has some of the most modern cities and homes in the world. Isidra Person-Lynn, video journalist and educator, will show those, Afrikan customs, symbols and more. This is an eye-opening experience. Attorney Jaaye Person-Lynn will expose legal areas young people should be aware of from protesting and simple infractions and misdemeanors to serious felonies. He will also explain the importance of attending a Black college and its benefits. Don’t miss this very important class.

Location: 3333 W. 43rd Place, Los Angeles, CA 90008 (Near Crenshaw and Vernon), two blocks east on 43rd and Leimert Blvd.)
Ph: (213) 394-5075  For 12-18 year olds.

Tatum Cravens, winner of the Black History Quiz, Week 3.  Congratulations!

Pictured:  Dr. Kwaku and Michael B Jordan star of Fruitvale Station. Go see it!


The class fee is only $15 for the class Saturday 10 am til Noon session.Please scroll below to fill out the registration form.  You can even pay online for the entire course, or bring cash or check to class.

1) Click to Register Your Student Here

2) Print your registration receipt

3) Send $15, cash, check or money order

Fully paid class members receive the certificate and participate in the class quiz.

Per class students will be considered fully paid if they attend 4 classes at $15 each.

4) Print your payment receipt and bring with your 12-18 year old to class


NOTES: Please make sure we have your info if you pay per class!

Fees: Class is only $15 per student per Saturday, payable on site.


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