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Thank You for Being Part of Our 10th Year of Black History 4 Young People!

In case you missed it, here is the video of most of the students from the 2013 class on the tour of Leimert Park.

We took family snapshots during the class: You can view them here in our SmugMug gallery.  If you like any photo that you see, you can click to order directly from SmugMug.  You only pay for their service (printing, paper and ink) and shipping. The photographer will not make any money–all goes to Smugmug for a nominal fee.   That link is found here.


Our adult class starts in the Fall Sept. 27, 2013.  To be kept up to date, please join our mailing list at

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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Class #6: The Parents and Families Are Invited

Winner Week 5 Black History Quiz:

Ms. Kendal Lake! Congrats!








This week is our final class!  The parents and families of all students are invited.  We always host the last class at the Ladera Community Center, 4750 62nd Street, Los Angeles, CA (Just South of Slauson at La Brea and 62nd Street.)  Same time: 10 a.m. til 12 Noon.


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