AMLW Preempted; No Special This Weekend…Postponed til August (Tentative)

Ousted from KPFK.

Ousted from KPFK.

Dr. Kwaku researched, produced and edited 30 hours of lectures and interviews–material for what would have been his 12th weekend special Afrikan Mental Liberation Weekend (AMLW) on KPFK scheduled to start tomorrow. This was the email he received from the General Manager who green-lighted the special:

“Under unfortunate circumstances the fund drive will be extended another week, and unfortunately your special will be preempted. Today is my last day. If you wish to speak with the new GM you can reach Leslie Radford at and you can reach the PD Alan Minsky at

I wish you the best. It was my hope that we got the opportunity to work together.
Anyel Zuberi Fields”

This man is a father and has lost his gainful employment. After working wonders at the station previously as Operations Manager, then as GM, he was summarily ousted. If you read how he was treated at the link, I hope you will be inspired to sign the petition to support him. It’s the least we can do.  Sign here.

Thanks to those who helped us promote it. Please remember to delete the posts or at least update your followers. And thank you for the assist, as we were so busy.

Thank you, Kwaku for wanting to bring this information to your people. I hope you will get the chance to, one day. ‪#‎Life‬ ‪#‎pleasesign‬ ‪#‎leastwecando‬

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