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It’s this weekend! This time it is global. Listen live at! Please share!

AMLWPoster-webWe are excited that finally, the final AMLW 30 hour radio special on KPFK 90.7 FM will begin Saturday morning at 9 am.  this Saturday, August 15th.

Dear Isidra,

Please thank Kwaku profusely for his work and for thinking of formally sharing this with me! I just returned from an artist retreat that included an “undoing racism” workshop.
After experiencing an extremely  emotional  rollercoaster of an experience that made the urgency of now even clearly, I was reminded of the need to fully understand the system of oppression before an effort to undo it could be seriously enjoined.
 So, not only will I be present and accounted for doing Afrikan Mental Liberation Weekend, I will encourage my truth seeking colleagues to do likewise.
L A Don/Dankwa/Don Harrell

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