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AMLWPoster-webThanks to Ravi Lynn for designing the poster.  Thanks to Isidra Person-Lynn for production assistance.  Thanks to Jaaye Person-Lynn and So Lynn for interviewing their father and thanks to Joanne Ellis for her support.  Kofi, Dankwa, BJ, Sybil and so many others, we thank you all.


Today August 15th is the day! 9 am til Midnight. Here’s how to listen live:

AMLW airs live on KPFK which is 90.7 FM.

If you do not live in California between Santa Barbara and Mexico, you can listen live online at (Worldwide)

It is hosted by Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn, historian and educator.

This will be his 12th and final time.

You can  record off the radio, but are not permitted to sell.

No bookstore or other entity is selling.

All interviews by and with Dr. Kwaku Person-Lynn are copyrighted and for personal use only.

Please visit this site or email Dr. Kwaku:

To call in and support KPFK  1818 985-KPFK.

Kwaku has been asked to fund-raise for KPFK.  He will only do it on Saturday, so Sunday should be smooth sailing. KPFK needs help.  There are a lot of dedicated programmers there!

And finally, please help us spread the word!

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