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This week: How to Get A’s in School

Dear Students of Black History 4 Young People,

Black_studentsStudents Want to Learn!The struggleCongratulations to our Quiz Winner!

Ask yourself:  do you want to get A’s in school? Or are you happy with a C?  Have you ever stopped to think what a “C” says about you?  If you can get the best grade, why not?  A’s pay off, especially when it is time for college in just a few short years. They are like money in the bank.  Straight A’s get the attention of scholarship committees, and admissions counselors.  We already know you are SMART enough.  So tell me, are you letting a few TV shows, or hours chatting on the ‘Net take away your A’s?

Our emphasis this week is Education. One, you will be able to see the struggle during the segregated South period, and what

students had to go through to receive an equal education. This will hopefully encourage you to not take your present education for granted, since some students in the South were harassed, jailed, tortured, and some even killed fighting for your rights.

Two, I will be guiding you through the process of getting A’s on exams. Often-times, many students do not have sound study habits and are not always shown how to develop them. After class Saturday, you will know exactly what it takes to get A’s on exams. One big fantasy that will be eliminated is that you have to be ‘smart’ to get good grades. That myth will be shown to be untrue. Instead, a strong work ethic and dedication are the keys, as well as the process, which will be explained.
Again, the class starts at 10:00am sharp. As you know, I do not believe in ‘CP’ time, which is counter productive.

Heads up: Your parents/guardians are invited to our last class (31 July).  At that session, their responsibility to your education will be explained.

And as an advance notice, to accommodate our parents who will join us for our last class, we will meet at Lucy Florence Coffee House, the corner of 43rd Street and Degnan, around the corner from where we are presently, in their auditorium in the rear of the restaurant. (Same time!) We will have a great time, with great prizes to give away.

Next week, we will see and hear about our son, Jaaye Person-Lynn’s month-long visit to South Africa for World Cup Soccer. What a milestone for the continent!  His photos will demonstrate how Africa is today, and the beautiful things that are going on there. You can listen to him this Saturday before class on Adai Lamar’s show on KJLH when he is her guest.  That’s 102.3 FM KJLH or listen live on sometime between 8-10 a.m.

Don’t forget, this Saturday is picture day, so please come camera ready and come on-time so you don’t miss it!  The class photo is printed on the certificate the enrolled students  will receive on the last day.

Finally, congratulations to Naheema for winning this week’s Black History Quiz.  She is a student at Lane College who spends summers in Los Angeles.

We thank all of our sponsors.  They help us do what we do!

See you Saturday!
Dr. Kwaku

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