A Message to our Subscribers: Digital Downloads Now Available for $5 Handling!

TitlesOver 50% of Afrikan Mental Liberation Weekend is available for digital downloads, with more being added, but it is taking some time to code everything.  In the meantime, please email word@drkwaku.com if you some you’d like to order right away.  We’ll start with you!

Eraka01) 9:30am  Eraka Rouzorondu ~ Female Consciousness     

Dr. Clarke & Dr. Kwaku02) 10:35am  John Henrik Clarke Interview    58:41

PamelaSamuelsYoung03) 11:35am  Pamela Samuels Young ~ Crime Thriller Writer  | 56:00

Bobby Blue Bland04) 12:40  Bobby Blue Bland ~ His Life & Blues Music   25:40   

taylor_susan_l_30005) :10  Susan Taylor ~ Growing Spiritual Consciousness | Growing & Flowing 43:32

If you haven’t read our recap to Afrikan Mental Liberation Weekend and our deep thank yous, click here.

In upcoming blog post (the links are at the top to go back in time) we will share some of the comments.

Thank you all and good night!

See more at the “Store”: https://drkwaku.wordpress.com/store/


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